Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Mediumship has three parts. Victor starts with a Spirit Centered session — where he allows the Spirits who are present to come through for those in attendance. The audience helps identify those who are coming through.

Second is a Client Centered session – where Victor describes the Spirits around specific members of the circle and provides messages from them, or a psychic reading if there are no Spirits present.

During the third part — Victor describes spirit messages from specific Loved Ones that audience members request to hear from (who did not come through during Parts 1 and 2.)

Depending on the size of the group, everyone in attendance should receive a message or reading.

Victor charges his hourly rate of $175 for mediumships plus $10 per attendee.

A mediumship can be followed by private readings during the same visit.

Victor is available for mediumships most days and evenings. Please call (513-310-3366) or email ([email protected]) for Victor’s current availability. Please note: Victor requires a smoke-free environment for readings and mediumship.

“Many of my interactions with the dead are deeply satisfying for me as a psychic and for the loved ones who remain behind. The dead are often thrilled to get a message to the living, often a message of love, appreciation and connection.”
– Victor


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“You don’t realize how much you helped my life… thank you!”

Victor has been a radio and television personality since 1992: