Paranormal Investigations & Clearings

Victor has extensive experience with the paranormal and has investigated haunted locations around the world

Victor’s psychic investigations reveal the true story about a haunting. Locations (and people!) can usually be cleared of unwanted spirits, restoring peace and happiness for all concerned.

Victor’s paranormal investigations provided the foundation for Historic Dayton Lane’s popular Ghost Walk in Hamilton, Ohio.

His paranormal work has been chronicled by Dayton Daily News, the Louisville Courier Journal, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Fox 19 News and nationally syndicated television shows including “The View,” and “The List.”

As a general guide, Victor charges his hourly rate of $150 for paranormal investigations. However, this rate can change depending on a location’s specific circumstances and requirements.

Please call (513-310-3366) or email ([email protected]) to discuss your specific situation.

I have wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for my family! Our house has a peace about it and it’s wonderful to have my husband back. He seems so much happier and less conflicted. Interesting side note…his mother seems nicer to me…”

“I wanted to give you an update on things here in Xenia. Things seem to actually be back to “normal”. Thank you so much for driving so far and taking up your time to visit our family and home.

We aren’t scared in our homes anymore. To be honest, we were terrified and ready to walk away. A million heartfelt thanks.”


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Victor has been a radio and television personality since 1992: